Decades of successful sample cards

Muster-Schmidt - nomen est omen

Whether dealing with paint colour cards, aluminium fans, or the sample collection of a yarn manufacturer: you can only recognize nuances, compare qualities and make well-founded decisions when looking at the originals. No printing process can realistically duplicate the unique properties of a material.

Muster-Schmidt offers the complete service from design, composition and print through sample processing to packaging. We process a wide range of materials with specialized machines, some of which are our own developments, and we offer patented just-in-time solutions that we can send directly to your customers.

For decades now we have worked with our customers to develop convincing solutions that prove successful in the market.

Design types

Our primary criterion to differentiate sample cards is by material. This results in different manufacturing processes. You can get an overview of the different designs in our sample folder:

Yarn and wool sample cards

Textile sample cards

Foil, wood, layer, and cloth sample cards

Further information

If you need expert advice or are searching for specific solutions, please contact Mrs. Dorothea Rahn on +49-(0)5551-90842-18. Obviously we will visit you at your place of business.