6 April 1905 Founding of the "Berliner Musterkartenfabrik" by Christian Hansen-Schmidt, production of textile sample cards

1926 Production of the first colour tone cards

1932 Christian Hansen-Schmidt dies, his son Hans takes over the factory

1936 Integration of the "Otto Hieronymi AG", located in Göttingen

1945 The "Berliner Musterkartenfabrik" is completely bombed out, the Göttingen site is spared during World War II

1947 Founding of the Muster-Schmidt-Verlag by Hans Hansen-Schmidt

1952 Establishment of an agency in Zurich

1952 Founding of the subsidiary company "Göttinger Farbfilter"

6 April 1980 75 years Muster-Schmidt KG


1996 Hans Hansen-Schmidt dies

2002 Move to Northeim